Shift Church (Tim Collins)

Shift as a name for a church seems to say we are different than all other churches. But I don’t think the name indicates that we are different from other churches, but rather a mission and a frame of mind.

I believe that all men and women need to make a shift in their thinking. The Bible speaks of coming out of darkness and into His light. This is the first and most important shift that someone can make, declaring that Jesus is my Lord, my King, my Savior. It is a major shift to say I no longer take control of my life alone but rather I submit my control to God’s control. When that shift has been made we then embark on a new and continuing shift. As we read the scriptures we take time to incorporate them into who we are and all that we do. So the shift continues all the days that we live on this planet. So maybe a shorter more direct way of saying it would be, shift is a life style. So Shift church leans into life until all that we think and do is His Kingdom way of thinking and living. Jesus said it this way when he was a twelve year old boy, “I must be about my Father’s business.” So we too must be about our Father’s business. Enjoy your shifts. They are a life time and they will be eternal.

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