This morning I’ve been thinking about what transformation means…..   to me I am sensing that transformation should be each one coming into God’s dream for their life.  If there is anything in our thoughts that contradicts God’s dream for us, then we need to be transformed.  Transformation can come through encounters with God in soaking, worship, Bible reading, prayer and be without any one else besides Holy Spirit as our teacher, comforter, and help.  Or sometimes transformation may mean we need to get some help from another person.  Help can be in the from of sozo ministry or counseling.  No matter where we are in our lives or our thinking there is transformation when we come into the presence of our amazing and loving God.  Let’s go for all that God dreamed for us!!!!!


  1. Remarkable story. I just came across your wiebste and wanted to let you know that I have really loved reading your wiebste. I have subscribed to your blog feed and I expect that you will post again soon. I am curious if I have to subscribe to comments feed as well. Any useful conversations taking place in comments to blog posts?

    • Sanjay, thank you for your kind words. There have not been any useful conversations on our blog posts as of yet. Perhaps that will happen in the future when we are more active with our own blog posts. Check back from time to time and see what is happening if you like.

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