Keeping peace in my heart, simplifying life

The impression I keep getting is for me to simplify life….  to get healthy….  to stay unstressed….

To simplify life, changes are needed, these can create stress in the transition times.  But I had this impression of Pappa God cupping His hands and looking into them and grinning and smiling and laughing…..  He was looking at my future!  So when I start to wonder and feel the stress of the transitions I remember His sweet encouragement and I know that my future is good!

As I consider the letting go of something that I have done for five years and have (mostly) enjoyed,  I remember an impression in my time with God where He seemed to be saying that I could hang onto what I had and He would be OK with that….  or I could let it go.  If I let it go, then He would be able to bring me something better that I would really love.  So, I’m letting some things go….

In transition times, keep focus on the promise….


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