For the sake of freedom

Cleaning up the comments to our web site is very interesting….  lots and lots of words and adds and posts selling things, but not many with actual communication to me.  Our thoughts can be like this at times…. bombarded with many many messages and hardly any that are real communication.  I have been reminded a lot lately that we all need to guard our thoughts and what we allow to come into our minds.  If we allow a thought to come in that was put there by some “spam” source and then let it churn around inside of us we may begin to believe the “spam”.  For some, that “spam” can be trying to sell something that is totally not what we need!!!  Let’s recognize the “spam” and “permanently delete” it before we allow it to come into our thoughts.  And then on purpose put in the thoughts that come from the Holy Spirit to us.  Thoughts of hope!!!!  Love!!!!  Future!!!!

Love and hugs!!!  Lynn

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